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Data Back-up.

Data is the most important asset your business has.

Sales transactions, financial records, private employee and customer contact information – the list is endless. If you lose your data, you could lose your business.

Given that serious risk, it’s surprising how many businesses don’t do nearly enough to protect this incredibly valuable asset. Please don’t be one of them!

Whether your business is small or large, it’s vital to have a data back-up and recovery strategy in place before a data loss or breach occurs. Titan Microsystems can help you with that.

We can structure, schedule, and maintain a back-up protocol for your systems that’s convenient for you and maximizes your business’ uptime. And even in the worst-case scenario, our customized plan will have your systems backed up and running again.

Titan Microsystems specializes in both Local and Off-Site Back Ups. Our trained experts will implement both a Local and Off-Site Back Up Routine for your systems.

A Local back up will involve a set up where the storage medium is plugged in directly to the source computer being backed up or is connected through a local area network to the source being backed up on-site at your location.

To protect your data from the vulnerability of theft, HD failure or natural disaster our team will concurrently implement an Off-Site Back Up to provide ultimate protection of your data. Simply put, an Off-Site Back-Up consists of any backup where the backup storage medium is kept at a different geographic location from the source. Titan Microsystems operates space at the Halton Data Center which is an exemplary model of Off-Site Back-Up!

Data loss is a business risk you don’t want, or need, to take. Book a free no-obligation consultation with Titan Microsystems today.


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