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Video Surveillance.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep an eye on your property, people, and other valuable assets 24/7?

Imagine having time-stamped, recorded video evidence if you ever had to prosecute or defend someone in court. Monitoring can help improve employee productivity and prevent loss too.

You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your staff and customers are safe from harm, and your belongings and premises are protected against vandalism, theft, or other damage under Titan Microsystems’s watchful electronic eye. You might even get a break on your property insurance premium. It’s worth asking your insurance professional.

Titan Microsystems offers remote-access video surveillance that lets you see what your cameras are seeing from virtually anywhere, from any mobile device – iPhone, iPad, Android. Our hi-def videocams capture crisp, ultra-clear images so details are never blurry, fuzzy, or hard to make out.

Whether you want to monitor activity in real-time or simply want recorded video back-up, every business has different needs.

Book a free no-obligation consultation with Titan Microsystems today, and we’ll help you decide on the video surveillance installation that’s best for yours. And if you’re ready to go, our friendly experts will set it all up for you, quickly and easily.


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