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Titan Microsystems

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IT Solutions
Southern Ontario

Who we are.

Titan Microsystems has been an established Managed IT Service Provider throughout Southern Ontario for nearly 20 Years. Titan’s focus on customer relations and ability to adapt to different work environments has garnered them clients ranging from Regional Health Care Operations to Multinational Marketing Firms. Attention to detail, clear communication and preventative maintenance have made Titan Microsystems a company that is sought after when it comes to top tier Managed IT Service!

Matthew Warzecha.

Lead IT Consultant

Matthew, a true tech guru, has been
in the Information Technology sector since he
can remember! Matthew had held a Co-Op position
as a Junior Network Administrator at Eurocopter
Canada at the age of 13! His talent is genuine,
and his skills are REAL!

Matthew spent 2 years in Brock University’s
Computer Science program before transferring to
Niagara College where he successfully
completed the Computer Technicians Program.
Matthew has been a successful IT business owner
with Michael from 2003 to 2010 before accepting
an IT position working for the Province of Ontario
until 2017!

As the current owner of Titan Microsystems his
experience and talent are demonstrated daily
and are an essential instrument to the company’s

Michael Elcich.

Operations Manager

Michael is a 20-year business development specialist,
project manager and network wiring technician who
founded a highly successful IT company with Matthew
before moving into the world of infrastructure wiring.

Michael studied Business Administration at
Brock University and has been a recipient of
the 40 Under 40 Business Link Award and has
held a role within the local Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors in Fort Erie.

With his vast amount of knowledge in Business Management, Network Wiring Solutions and HD Video Surveillance Solutions, Michael is a key asset in our day-to-day business operations.

Tomas Pimentel.

Network Engineer and Security Analyst

Tomas, a true prodigy, started young in
the technology field by playing with cables and soldering
circuits instead of toys at the age of 3! Real talent and
dedication can be found here!

Tomas has worked in a wide variety of tech related
fields since high school where he held a co-op position
at his local computer repair shop. He furthered his
computer technology education studying at Niagara College.

Tomas is back in Niagara after living and owning
his own tech related company in Elliot Lake over
the past 3 years where he serviced a wide variety of
business clients throughout the 3 cities in the area!

Tomas is well versed in all aspects of MSP Service
as well as Low Voltage Wiring and Surveillance. His
business minded acumen, attention to detail and
customer service skills are a true asset to the team.

Titan looks forward to establishing Tomas as a cornerstone
and team leader for the company.

Crystal Holiko.

Accounts Manager

Crystal Holiko is a professional bookkeeper
with over ten years experience in handling the finances
of many small to medium businesses. Crystal has
transitioned from school to the world of small business flawlessly.

From the smalltown of Campbellton New Brunswick,
Crystal enjoys nature, camping, family and the occasional
concert and festival. Crystal's intuitive nature,
attention to detail and finite approach to problem
solving has been extremely valuable to the Titan
family and we look forward to working with her for
a very long time.

Our Two Locations.

We provide IT support solutions to St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, Burlington, Hamilton and all of the Niagara Region!
3375 North Service Road
Burlington, ON L7N 3G2
Telephone: 289-204-9201
St. Catharines
165 Cushman Road
St. Catharines, ON L2M 6T4
Telephone: 289-204-9201